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Concrete Tips
  • Concrete should be cleaned at least once per year to remove normal dirt and grime build up, and to remove rust or other stains.
  • Cracks in concrete should be repaired to maintain a structurally sound surface and to minimize water intrusion that can cause problems with the sub grade.
  • Joints should be sealed to minimize or eliminate water intrusion through the joints and to help prevent dirt from collecting in the joints where weeds may grow.
  • Sealing and periodic resealing of the concrete surface not only reduces moisture infiltration into the concrete but also helps reduce staining.

For standard plain concrete driveways and walkways, Alberta Ready-Mixed Concrete Association recommends proper sealing of the surface with a Silane penetrating sealer, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Consult your concrete accessories specialist for recommendations on proper maintenance of both plain and coloured/decorative concrete.

Sealing of the concrete surface should take place no sooner than 28 days after concrete placement and in some instances longer to allow the concrete to air dry before applying a sealer. Depending on the time of year of placement of the concrete and the amount and type of curing, appropriate timing of sealing and surface preparation before initial sealing may be required. Check with your local concrete accessories supplier for further instructions and follow manufacturers’ recommendations for best results.

Concrete should be resealed with a high quality sealer at a minimum of every three years or sooner if suggested by the product manufacturer. Again, check with your concrete accessories professional for guidelines on any surface prep or stain removal that may be required before applying any sealer.